I was a program co-chair for ADCS 2022 with Maciek Rybinski which was held at Flinders University in Adelaide.

Damiano Spina and I were the general chairs of ADCS 2021 which was held as a virtual seminar series.

I was the demo track chair for SIGIR 2024 with Suzan Verberne.

I was the proceedings chair for WSDM 2019, CHIIR 2021, and SIGIR-AP 2023 (with Johanne Trippas).

I was a co-organiser of the Workshop on Reaching Efficiency in Neural IR which ran at SIGIR 2023 and SIGIR 2024.

Peer Reviewing

I have been a PC member for the following conferences and workshops:

I was an area chair for COLING 2022.

I have been a reviewer for the following conferences, journals, and workshops:

I also review grants for the Australian Research Council (ARC).